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Friday, October 14, 2011

I Know It's Over - C.K. Kelly Martin

Hardcover244 pages
Published September 23rd 2008 by Random House Books for Young Readers


Those were Nick’s summer plans before Sasha stepped into the picture. With the collateral damage from his parents’ divorce still settling and Dani (his girl of the moment) up for nearly anything, complications are the last thing he needs. All that changes, though, when Nick runs into Sasha at the beach in July. Suddenly he’s neck-deep in a relationship and surprised to find he doesn’t mind in the least. But Nick’s world shifts again when Sasha breaks up with him. Then, weeks later, while Nick’s still reeling from the breakup, she turns up at his doorstep and tells him she’s pregnant. Nick finds himself struggling once more to understand the girl he can’t stop caring for, the girl who insists that it’s still over.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3 out of 5 stars (via goodreads)

Before I start, I won't recommend this book to teens below 17 years old. 

I really enjoyed this novel. It has great characters. Their dramas - teen pregnancy, abortion, sex - are so realistic. It is a bit of a downer, I may tell you, but this is something that will open your eyes in the reality of our teens in today's generation. 

One thing that many who have read this book didn't see is that it doesn't really preach that abortion is illegal and the other don'ts of life. It presents the story of two teens that have made their life twisted with the consequences that they have made.

What I like:
* getting to see the story in the boy's point of view.
* no sugarcoating
* the characters are so realistic

**not a fairy-tale ending but an eye-opener and a life turner**

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