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Monday, March 5, 2012

Delinquent Daddy - Linda Kage

296 pages
Published October 2010 by The Wild Rose Press


Boston Kincaid’s life is forever changed when he reads the note from Cassidy Trenton, who’s looking for her daddy. Vividly remembering the girl’s mother, Boston is compelled to learn the truth about Cassidy’s paternity. 

Single working mother Ellie Trenton is completely bowled over to find her old college flame, whom she hasn’t seen in ten years, loitering on her front porch when she comes home from work one day. 

At the sight of each other, Boston and Ellie’s decade apart melts away, and that old chemistry between them flares back to life. But trust doesn’t come easily, and old wounds never healed properly. 

Can Boston and Ellie learn to forgive and forget so they can experience the love they never shared, or will child custody battles keep them apart forever?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
4 out of 5 (via goodreads)

Heart-wrenching in a really good way. That would best described my experience while reading this Linda Kage's book. The emotions kept pouring and I can't help but say 'awww' for every five mintues. It was so full of hope you can't help but love it.

Boston and Ellie. You will see two versions of them throughout the story - the young ones and the ten years after. You will see how everything changed and progressed between them and how being pregnant and having a daughter changed their entire lives. The growth and maturity between them after being apart for ten years resulted optimism between them - it resolved issues with trust, hope and love for the family.

I love the characters to death especially Boston. He admitted his wrong doings, of being a jerk and selfish to everyone and yet, a loss made him realize what he had done. And working his way up to his daughter and Ellie is something so remarkable. 

Sweet one, actually. I recommend that you pick up this book if you are ready for a teary-eyed reading marathon. Oh, well. Love is really something so beautiful, isn't it?

What I like:
* Boston's maturity
* Boston's family
* the romance

  "I know you'll believe me when I say thank you for teaching him whatever lesson it was he needed to learn to make him what he is today."

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